Work With Me

You know how they say Rome wasn’t built in a day? Well, I hate cheesy clichés but this one resonates!! Think about how long you’ve been the version of yourself you are now. How many hundreds of thousands of repetitive physical movements have you engaged in? How many conscious, unconscious, rambling, never-ending thoughts have you had? The way you are and the personality those characteristics represent are built on behaviours that have been deeply entrenched for years or even decades! You can’t expect to be able to change them overnight. Our lovely human brains & bodies THRIVE on familiarity and patterns. They will go for the path of least resistance, or the one most travelled 100% of the time if not given focused direction otherwise. Just as those thoughts and movements have taken hundreds of thousands of repetitions to form, so too will they require hundreds of thousands of the opposite action to be undone. This is why so many people are unsuccessful at achieving and maintaining drastic lifestyle changes. After a while, it becomes so uncomfortable to continue that they revert to their old, maladaptive but ‘comfortable’ ways. I know the struggle of living a stressfully dichotomous life. Of feeling like a different person on the inside than what I showed to the world. Constantly feeling like an outsider, or that others were judging me based on my appearance or awkward mannerisms but KNOWING there was some badass stuff hiding inside where no one could see.0H6A1692

Over the last 7 years I have lost over 100lbs, transforming my body but MORE IMPORTANTLY, I have developed a system of total wellness that has changed how I see myself and my connection to the world. I no longer seek gratification from external sources because everything I need is inside of me.

I am so beyond grateful to myself and the universe for giving me the opportunity to live my most authentic life that it is now my mission to share it with as many people as possible. I take great pride in helping my clients overcome their own internal barriers to wellness by coaching them in 4 main areas to change their lives. Positive psychology – With an Hons BA in Psychology, specializing in this relatively new area of study I am an expert in what makes people happy! Using in-depth neuroscientific positive psychology techniques, I work with my clients to identify their limiting beliefs and switch them for more adaptive thought patterns. We also focus on identifying maladaptive coping mechanisms that are often employed in response to negative or stressful situations or emotions. A huge part of a healthy human experience is learning how to process every emotion fully without numbing or avoiding the less enjoyable ones. This frees us from the need to use things like food, alcohol, drugs, sex or shopping to give us pleasure and allows for the creation and experience of real JOY. Since we are habit-driven creatures, this process of changing behaviour is uncomfortable and takes consistent effort for many months or even years. I understand how difficult this can be and provide a safe, accepting and light-hearted approach to reconstructing behaviour filled with humor, compassion and tough love. Straight up meditation – This may seem like some fluffy hippy dippy bullsh*t, but trust me it works. In order to create your new reality, we must calm the mind and find the space in between. We waste so much of our lives in our heads, playing the past over again or worrying about the future. This present moment is all we have, and in order to become the new version of yourself an understanding of this concept is essential!

Move your body – Depending on your body type, experience level and goals we work on learning a variety of exercises and dynamic movements. Every client receives a mobility and stretching routine to alleviate aches and pains, improve circulation and restore postural balance to the body. I am also an experienced personal trainer and can provide my clients with customized workouts programs to complete either at the gym or in their own homes. My experience with exercise is quite in-depth and so I can write programs ranging from basic posture correction to heavy fat loss to strength training and conditioning.

Clean, balanced eating – With factory farmed meat and produce as well as processed foods making up a huge portion of the North American diet, it is no wonder that obesity is at an all-time high. Did you know though, that there is also a direct correlation between refined sugar, trans fat and negative mental health outcomes? There is a giant nerve (Vagus) that connects your stomach to your brain, so if your gut health is out of whack, your brain health will follow suit! In order to restore hormonal balance, increase energy, lose weight or build muscle, as well as improve anxiety or depression, clean whole foods are essential. I teach my clients how to live by healthy habits vs counting calories or dieting, which is more likely to produce sustainable lifestyle changes that makes you FEEL as good as you’ll look!